The Future of Film is Feminist Festival


NFFTY is pleased to join Reel Grrls and Northwest Film Forum with the support of STG for a celebration of female directed films! Join us for THE FUTURE OF FILM IS FEMINIST FESTIVAL as part of STG's FREE Nights at the Neptune series!

The Future of Film is Feminist Festival
July 13, 2017, Doors open at 7pm. Program begins at 8pm.
Neptune Theatre, 1303 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105
FREE & Open to the Public, All Ages / Bar with I.D.
Seating - first come, first seated
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Atlas World by Morgana McKenzie
A malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection and Best Music Video.

Collision by Lael Rogers
A 17-year old car crash survivor struggles to separate fantasy from reality as she confronts demons from her past. NFFTY 2015 Official Selection.

Examination of a Girl by Devin John
We examine a young girls body to discover that even though she looks like most other girls she has marks that are individual to her and embed a story into her skin. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection

Forever Home by Raquel Korman
A candid look into the lives of an extraordinary family who struggle to provide secure and loving futures for their ten children they adopted from the foster system. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection

Graffiti Girls by Isabella Pierson
A take on graffiti, artistic expression, & femininity from the gals of Valencia, Spain. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection and TheNextFilmFestival Award.

Paint by Number Person by Peyton Miller
An autobiography of sorts, filmmaker Peyton Jane Miller discusses her struggle between her love for order and the chaos in creativity. For as she grows up as an individual, she learns life doesn't always go as planned. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection.

Sad Lonely Girl by Laura Holliday
A sad, lonely girl contemplates her life. NFFTY 2015 Official Selection.

Solitude, Darkness, Light by Isabela Dos Santos and Kayla Briet
Explore contrasting worlds of the future and the past, the still and the moving as you develop a new perspective on the present. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection.

The Art of Memories by Kate Graves
A short experimental film that uses an array of cinematic visuals to convey the complex feelings different memories bring up. NFFTY 2017 Official Selection.

Arcaro by Claire Buss
Catering to all age groups from kids to seniors, Arcaro Boxing is a place of community and for the community. Produced through Northwest Film Forum's comprehensive filmmaking program.

Noir by Soyeon Kim
A black crow searches for its identity, trying to escape the perception that it is something other than a beautiful and intelligent bird. A stop-motion film with wooden bird puppet and paper-sculpture background. Selected for Children's Film Festival Seattle 2016 Best of the Fest National Tour.

Displacement by Shatha Alghabri
Yemeni children share their experiences of being refugees as they recount what they have seen and what they have missed. A prizewinner at the United Nations' Plural+ youth-produced video festival and Children's Film Festival Seattle.

Living in the Now by Katrina Marro
This short, poetic film is a meditation on the filmmaker's emotional response to the word "goodbye." Made in a Northwest Film Forum youth camp and shown in Children's Film Festival Seattle 2016.

Black Beauty in a White Gaze by Ayanda Chisholm
Black Beauty in the White Gaze is about the Black beauty bodies through the lens of Whiteness. the oppression and exploitation of Black women's bodies and how we navigate Eurocentric beauty standards. This short film was part of Reel Grrls’ 6 Word Memoir challenge where filmmakers created a visual story reflecting a six word phrase in sixty seconds.

Special thanks to The Norcliffe Foundation for its ongoing support of Nights at The Neptune.